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Coins For Cops

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Founder, Rachel, like many of us, saw the villainization of police officers around our nation by the Main Stream Media and other organizations, and was deeply troubled by this.


She saw that it led to an increased level of disrespect, threats, and violence against the men and women who are tasked with protecting and serving our communities on a daily basis and decided that she wanted to do something to give back. She wanted to let officers know that they were still respected, honored, supported, and appreciated in their communities, and Coins For Cops was born.


My goal is to thank every police officer in the nation for their service and let every officer know that they are appreciated and supported.


With your generous donation, each officer will receive a hand written 'Thank You' card and a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Challenge Coin, specifically designed to let officers know just how thankful we are for their service.

Three ways to donate

1.) Simply donate, and your money will be used to fund officers in communities I am adopting at the time 

2.) Adopt a specific police department. Contact me for further information.

3.) Purchase Challenge Coins and 'Thank you' cards from me, that you can give to whomever you'd like. Contact me for more information.

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